I sure was Full Coverage Dental Insurance thirty three thousand five hundred they don’t blink about mine that they don’t believe it you know but.

when it comes to dentistry even though it full coverage dental insurance costs you know the price of their iPhone think

It’s in their mind they just feel like they can’t buy it without insurance so basically what you’re doing is you’re.

just making them feel better I have  insurance so now I can go ahead and purchase.

this well I think it’s Dental Helps a litte bit more than that I mean everything you described from a car to a house allows consumers to.

make monthly payments so you know your mortgage or car payments consumers think in terms of monthly payments.

full coverage dental insurance

full coverage dental insurance

They don’t think in terms of the pit bull price um so I think you  know membership and when you break things down into a monthly option gives consumers that more palatable price point you know.

I mean if you know our patients come in to see us every what six months if if they’ve got extra bills  to pay

If you know their kids having to get braces or you know going up to college to put aside the to get your teeth clean is kind of an easy call if you’re not having any problems but .

we make it affordable and give them better  access then yeah they’re gonna come in every six months it kind of distributions that barrier to entry.

Dental Helps

Dental helps

I think that’s one of the things you know that we were doing a lot better job of as a profession is kind of breaking or trim this down and procedures and care  and a more palatable monthly payments so I think that’s a big reason behind a lot of the a lot of the surgeons.

All the son of all these automated in-house membership plans okay so um they’re driving to work right now so.

I was briefly your Twitter analyst at dental underscore HQ and I’m  gonna retweet your deal so what would they do they go to the website go to hp.com and what are they gonna find.

they’re gonna find big and bold kind of our missions begin with which was dental insurance as a problem.

We’ve solved it so you see that quote you know you’re on our site big and blue up top and .

the  bottom just cares through a lot of information about what’s going on with insurance right now kind of some of the sticking points. More Details..