tooth pain that you are free¬† tooth pain¬†from care so you just can come and get a good advice okay thank you very much exactly because not every client is famous exactly it’s not in the same situation and like .

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tooth pain

You saying also H related family related and health situation related so if you have a lot of pre-existing conditions is.

Always harder than if you’re young and healthy and just come in and but .

Then it’s no challenge in talent you have two different types of insurance so the first type is like.

I always say all-inclusive insurance so it covers nearly everything two hundred percent so you’re just going to.

The hospital giving your cart and left the magic happen and then you have this if I get sick Hospital what I do is I just give this car exactly everything what is covered for the inpatient case so everything what is.

An accident or an illness you need to stay overnight or at least assigned to bad to hospital you’re covered not that no prepayment and them came back later yeah so

a lot of Thai based companies who were saying okay you will pay up front and we came back later but the problem is not everybody has because already when you’re an expert you need to have .

A lot of money on the side for a visa to be you can stay intalent and you can attach this money so so a lot of clients they love it because they don’t need to worry they’re paying one time .

A year their premiums and then they are quiet all year for no matter what happened it was like for example inyour in your situation yeah you are covered for everything what.

Is inpatient inpatient it means you need to be assigned to bat or at least being for longer stay in the hospital out patient is when you’re going to the hospital for a medical visit to a doctor get some medication and