The Best Renaissance Dental

Renaissance Dental claims  instead of sending immediately we can  hit the st. send claims button and all of the claims that we’ve created with  the status of .

  • Waiting to send are going to be sitting in here in our send claims  area we can easily
  • Determine  was supposed to be sent Best Renaissance Dental maybe this carrier.


Renaissance Dental

Renaissance Dental

  • Doesn’t accept electronic  claims and we’re going to mail this I can select and.
  • Choose the print button to go ahead and print a claim and once that claim.
  • Sent printed it  comes down here to the history area where I can see a history of.
  • All claims that I’ve sent whether they claim until I hit this sandy claims button.
  • This is great for large offices  but in some smaller offices you may want.
  • To go ahead and have that validate when you load this page and give you .

Missing so there is a setting and open dental .

  • I’d like to show you so if we come to setup module preferences into .
  • Window to validate when we load it keeping in mind that if you’re a very .
  • large office with a lot of claims this can cause slowness but I’m going to  go ahead .

That and say ok and take you back into the send claims window .

  • Where you’re going to see now that it did some checking on these claims and it’s telling me I do have.
  • Some missing information that needs to be filled in sending to the right of that is a drop-down so .
  • If you had more than one Clearinghouse maybe you want to send.
  • To a different one you can select and send the get reports button is a.
  • way to get reports back from your Clearinghouse not all clearinghouses that open.
  • Dental work with send reports some have a portal you  log into some.

Will send the reports back through open dental ?

  • Your Clearinghouse so you know if you need to be getting reports when you click.
  • That reports will show down here in this history area also the claim history area.
  • Does allow you to filter by date so you  can go back as far as you need to to see .
  • What’s been sent what’s been received you can filter it by type so if you’re .

Receiving electronic remittance advice you could narrow it down?

  • I only want to see my er a s or I only want to send C claims send or claims printed  and the refresh.
  • Button will refresh that list it’s also worth  noting that if you need to undo to r esend.
  • A claim maybe you accidentally sent this and you weren’t ready or it didn’t print right .
  • We could undo this and say ok and you’ll see that it comes back up here to the.

Top and goes back to having a status .

  • That claim we’ll go ahead and close this  window and now we’re going to .
  • Move on to how to receive payment to a claim how to enter an insurance payment .
  • Ahead and find our patient mr. green we have an EOB for mr. green for his.
  • Data service of so in open dental when you’re posting insurance payments .
  • Note that you don’t use the payment window in the upper left corner.
  • Here this is for patient payments only when you want to receive a payment on .
  • Going to come back to the original claim and open it up by double clicking on .