affordable full coverage dental insurance

is in more and more and more and it’s not a affordable full coverage dental insurance  guarantee that they’re going to actually pay anything so I always advise patients we’ll send it in if you want us to I mean if it’ll make you feel better we’ll certainly do that but just understand that it’s still not a.

guarantee replacement clause if you have a crown that is four years old and you bite down on a jolly rancher and you break that crown in half and you need a new crown most insurance policies will only replace an existing crown or bridge or other.

restoration every five years some of them every seven years so even though your plan says you have coverage for crowns there’s always some little fine print that goes along with that okay note here in our office we make Brooks or crowns which.

have a lifetime guarantee against breakage okay here’s affordable full coverage dental insurance a very common term and I think probably one of the most misunderstood things in not just the industry but in medical insurance as well who’s heard  the term preferred provider or preferred dentist yeah I used to think that

preferred meant they must be special you know they must have gone through some lengthy you know qualification process you know to be deemed preferred no the  process is you fill out a form and you sign it and you send it in to the insurance company and that form is really a contract between the dentist or doctor and the

insurance company it’s affordable full coverage dental insurance basically an agreement that they have and the agreement is the insurance  company says hey dr. Harper if you agree to be a preferred provider for our company then we’re gonna send a whole bunch of new patients your way

because we’re gonna put your name on our website as being a preferred provider we’re gonna put it in their booklet and we’re  gonna make sure everybody in the area knows that you’re one of our dentists and they do that that’s true and in exchange

the doctor agrees to accept a reduced fee a fee less than what he would normally charge so for example if we charged  for a filling.